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Business Directory listings are provided free of charge to all Carolinas based equine businesses and professionals. To list your business, service or product on the Carolinas Equestrian Network, please read our instructions, then complete and submit them below.

If you choose to post an email link CEN Mail will conceal your address from spammers, protecting your privacy while allowing visitors to contact you. We require your email address so we can contact you if we have questions regarding your submission, but it’s not required that you post an email link on CEN.

If you would like your business listing to include a link to your existing web site, please include your web address. There is no charge for this service, but naturally we request a reciprocal link.

General Instructions

  • This form is for business directory listings.
  • Advertised business, item or service must be located in the Carolinas or have unique local significance. Is your business located out of state? Please contact us first.
  • Required fields are marked with *.
  • Please select appropriate business categories. “Spamming” the directory with inappropriate or misleading listings will result in cancellation of your user registration.
  • Don’t use ALL UPPER-CASE (CAPITAL) letters.


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